Nicole Pomarico
February 28, 2018 12:28 pm

It turns out no one is immune to being embarrassed by their family… not even supermodels. Now that it’s almost time for the release of the highly anticipated swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated, Ashley Graham has been sharing all kinds of photos from her shoot, but unfortunately, at the same time, she’s just been giving her family ammo to make fun of her. On Tuesday, Graham’s family joked about her “bush” in a group chat, and as cringeworthy as the conversation was, she shared it with the whole world on her Instagram Story so the rest of us could laugh right along with them.

Since very few things are off limits for Graham, her pubic hair is actually something she’s discussed a few times in the past. Last year, in an interview with Glamour, she answered a reader’s question about pubic hair saying, “Honey, I have a full bush. Period. It’s about your preference and your partner’s preference.”

That’s part of what makes this family group chat so funny. In her most recent bikini pics for Sports Illustrated, Graham’s famed “full bush” appears to be missing, and she looks totally clean shaven. So clearly, her mom, her sister, and her husband all had to chime in with their own comments about the situation, including her mom stating that “I have no bush and it’s divine.”

Here’s the family group chat, for your comedic viewing pleasure:


As secondhand embarrassing as this may feel, it’s actually kind of… sweet? Graham obviously has a really close family, and this text is adorable (if a little awkward). These topics aren’t really something you routinely discuss with your family, and definitely not all at once. But for the Grahams, it’s just par for the course. Actually, this text is really making us wonder what else they might talk about that she’s not sharing with us.

One more reason to be in love with Graham — aside from her honesty, kindness, and ridiculous talent. Pubic hair’s a part of life, y’all. Why not embrace it?