Alim Kheraj
Updated September 07, 2016 2:50 am

We love it when people use their creativity and artistry to make important and bold statements, whether that be commentary on their own lives or comments on society, politics, and global issues. It’s amazing t0 see how people react to certain situations and how they express themselves.

That’s why we’re totally obsessed with Olek and her crocheting artwork.

Born in Poland, Olek’s art explores “sexuality, feminist ideals and the evolution of communication through colors, conceptual exploration and meticulous detail.”

While she currently lives in Brooklyn, New York, Olek’s latest project took place in Sweden and Finland and it’s got a really important message.

Titled “Our Pink Home,” the project with issues of conflicts, wars, natural disasters, the concept of community, and how every person should have a home.

Descending originally on a small community, Avesta in Sweden, Olek initially intended to re-create a traditional home. However, as her work started to progress she encountered many Syrian and Ukrainian refugees who were helping her with the project, and they divulged their experiences and the terrors that they had witnessed and been through in their home countries.

This inspired Olek to change tact with her work.

After building the house, Olek decided that she was actually going to blow the whole thing up.

“I decided to blow up my crocheted house to illustrate the current unfortunate situation worldwide where hundred of thousands of people are displaced,” she said.

Continuing, Olek goes on to explain how she then wanted to show that there was hope in the world. “After I exploded the house I wanted to create a positive ending for them as a symbol of a brighter future for all people, especially the ones who have been displaced against their own wills,” she said. “Women have the ability to recreate themselves. No matter how low life might bring us, we can get back on our feet and start anew.”

Taking to Instagram to explain how her work progressed, Olek said that after the initial Pink Home project she decided that she needed to continue and do more.

“This is my goal,” she wrote, “create public art, teach new skills, provide employment and empower women. It’s beautiful and moving to see people from various life paths working peacefully together. The world is pretty fucked up. But there is enough good people to make a change.”

Olek then invited others to join her.

Writing on her website, Olek summarized the project and it’s totally wonderful.

“We can show everybody that women can build houses, women can make homes,” she wrote. “In 2015 over 21 million people lost their homes due to war and conflicts in their native countries. The pink house, our pink house is a symbol of a bright future filled with hope.

“Everybody should have a home.”

You can find out more about Olek on her website and see more of the amazing “Our Pink Home” project on Instagram.