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Since the world first heard the leaked audio of Donald Trump talking about women in basically the most derogatory way imaginable, it’s been a huge topic of conversation — and was of course discussed and referenced many times during last night’s second presidential debate.

Trump’s lewd remarks were specifically about an actress and model named Arianne Zucker, and The Cut let us know that she has posted an impassioned response on Twitter.

After introducing herself as a “strong, independent and hard working mother,” Zucker went on to explain how these horrible words won’t bring her down.

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It’s great to see how Zucker is choosing not to let the words get to her, as it’s undoubtedly the healthiest approach to this very unsettling and humiliating situation.

She also discussed how people should be treating one another with with “kindness, dignity and respect,” whether “behind closed doors” or “face to face.” Zucker then referenced how people in powerful positions (such as Trump) often abuse their power. Of course, this is absolutely not okay.

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And just like the strong, independent woman that she is, Zucker is taking the high road and showing others that it’s possible to do so.

You can read her whole Tweet here.