Madison Vanderberg
Updated August 30, 2018

Ariana Grande is a fan of dainty, delicate tattoos—the kind that hide in plain sight, behind an ear, or on the side of a finger. However, the singer stepped outside her tattoo comfort zone and got a huge forearm design, and we’re slightly shocked. Grande covered most of her forearm with an image of Chihiro, the main character from the 2002 anime film Spirited Away.

Grande shared images of her new ink on Instagram and wrote a loving tribute to Chihiro, a young woman who goes on a journey to rescue her parents after they are turned into pigs. Grande seemed to relate to the character’s metamorphosis in the face of tragedy.

Ariana Grande Instagram

Grande has grown up in the public eye and her brand has always revolved around a very child-like aesthetic. However, with her new mature album, a fiancé, and the resilience she gained after the Manchester bombing—it’s clear that Grande is becoming a “courageous, quick-witted and reliable” woman herself.

New York-based tattoo artist Mira Mariah designed the ink (she also did Grande’s Manchester tribute bumble bee tattoo), and a quick sweep of her Instagram proves her anime-inspired designs are a delight. did the lord’s work and counted all of Grande’s 24 tattoos, which means that this is her 25th. We bet you had no idea she even had 24 pieces of ink, as they are all very subtle. Now that she’s venturing into forearm tat territory and her partner Pete Davidson is also a fan of body art, who knows—maybe her next tattoo will be a wedding band?