Just when we thought the dust was starting to settle on Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson relationship news, more obsession-worthy details emerge. After their whirlwind romance produced several tattoos, a shared apartment, an engagement, and that “BDE” meme, the pair seemingly took a break from making headlines. But before we had time to fully catch our breath, Grande revealed a potential wedding date. Where’s our Grande-Davidson relationship timeline? We need to jot this down.

On August 22nd, Grande sat down with Good Morning America’s Michael Strahan to talk Sweetener, life, and wedding planning. Grande said she’s currently “living her best life” and “enjoying every minute.”

And some of that enjoyment has come from planning her big day with friends and family. “We’re gonna, like, take our time to plan it,” Grande told Strahan of the wedding.

“I’m so excited,” Grande said while trying not to cry happy tears. “It’s sick. It’s really fun. But no, it’s not soon, soon. It’s gonna be, like, next year.”

Okay, good. We have some time to regroup (and get our outfits ready).

Let us know if you need our address for the invite, guys.