Molly Thomson
Updated February 08, 2019

Breakups are hard enough without the world weighing in, but Ariana Grande is managing it with superhuman poise. While out in Culver City, California on February 6th, paparazzi asked the pop star what she thought of her ex Pete Davidson hanging out (and seemingly getting “cozy”) with British actress Kate Beckinsale. For those who haven’t been following, Kate and Pete were spotted chatting at a Golden Globes after-party and, days later, holding hands while leaving Pete’s comedy show in Los Angeles.

And Grande’s response when asked about it?

“So cute” might not be the involved monologue we were hoping for, but it’s simple, positive, and the perfect supportive response to what’s probably an awkward question to be asked in the first place. (It’s also pretty obvious that Ari is #unbothered.) Grande has more pressing things to worry about anyway—like the fact that her latest album, “Thank U, Next” dropped on February 8th (her second album in six months).

Keep doin’ you, girl.