We already suspected she had a heart of gold, but this 100% confirms it. On the May 1st episode of the The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, co-host Ariana Grande went above and beyond in a segment in which she surprised some of her biggest fans. The bit entailed unsuspecting superfans showing up to sing a song for what they thought was a tribute video for Grande. The pop star then snuck into the recording studio to meet them in person, and all the feels ensued.

And as sweet as that already is, Fallon producer Mike DiCenzo took to Twitter to reveal that the behind-the-scenes details were even sweeter. In a series of tweets, he told his followers that at one point, the director of the segment said they had enough footage and could stop filming. But Grande insisted that they keep going until she had personally met each and every fan who showed up. He also noted that she proceeded to talk to every one of them after the cameras were no longer rolling, asking them about their lives, jobs, and just checking in.

Basically, Grande is the real deal, people.

Here was the segment in full:

In the interview segment of the show, Fallon took a moment to thank Grande for everything she’s done in the wake of the tragic Manchester Arena bombing in May of 2017. “I know you haven’t done any interviews and I understand that,” he began, “and I just wanted to say thank you so much for coming on our show, and for being strong, and for entertaining, and for showing up, and for going back to Manchester and doing a benefit…I just think you’re so strong and so cool.”

We second Fallon’s sentiments, and we’re sending all the love to Grande and her fans today.