Fans just found out what Ariana Grande's filthy "lick the bowl" lyrics mean, and they're losing it

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It’s been a couple of weeks since Ariana Grande‘s album Sweetener dropped, and fans are still discovering new things about it every day. Take the lyrics to the album’s title track, for instance: In “Sweetener,” Grande uses a slang phrase that fans thought they understood, but when they discovered the true meaning this week…they were, uh, scandalized.

You know the part in “Sweetener” where Grande sings, “I like the way you lick the bowl/Somehow your method touches my soul”? Well, we can confirm she’s not talking about someone licking the bowl after they’ve whipped up a batch of brownies. She’s not even talking about regular ol’ cunnilingus, either. As Cosmopolitan pointed out, Urban Dictionary has come through with the actual definition of licking the bowl and it means “licking cum from a girl’s pussy after she has had an orgasm.”

(Yes. We know. That is filthy. If you need to take a minute and look at a puppy pictures or something, we totally get it.)

Now that fans have figured this out, the reactions they’ve been sharing on Twitter have been absolutely priceless.

A lot of people truly could not handle it:

This one simply wanted a little confirmation that Grande meant “lick the bowl” the way everyone else is taking it. Good question.

This person had to bring a little too much reality into the situation:

While this one insisted that everyone knew what “lick the bowl” meant. Uh, we didn’t!

And then there’s this tweet, which sums it all up pretty nicely:

Hey, good for Grande for getting hers. We’re just gonna keep on boppin’ around to Sweetener, pretending to be oblivious again. You know, like we were in the good old days, 10 minutes ago.

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