Ariana Grande
Credit: CBS

Titanic doesn’t need help in being the most iconic movie of the late 20th Century, but last night, James Corden and Ariana Grande turned it into a modern musical masterpiece so beautiful it would bring Baz Luhrmann to tears.

The “No Tears Left To Cry” singer stopped by The Late Late Show with James Corden on August 13th, joining the host for the latest installment of the show’s Soundtrack series to perform a concise musical version of the legendary Academy Award-winning drama. The pair sang 13 popular songs across nine sets, all in a single take—and it was amazing.

As Rose DeWitt Bukater and Jack Dawson, Grande and Corden kicked things off with Styx hit “Come Sail Away” while boarding the doomed titular passenger liner, before launching into Hall & Oates classic “Rich Girl.” Throughout the five-minute performance, the pair reenacted a number of the movie’s most iconic shots, including the “king of the world” moment on the bow of the ship—singing Foo Fighters’ “Learn to Fly,” of course—and that devastating scene on the door, with the duo serenading one another with “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley and ‘Nsync’s “Bye Bye Bye.”

But of course, no Titanic-related event is complete without a little Celine Dion: Grande whipped out her masterful impression of the Canadian pop icon for the “My Heart Will Go On” finale.

We need to see a full-length version of this now.

Seriously though, someone get James Cameron and Baz Luhrmann on the phone because we have ideas.

The pair also managed to squeeze in hits by One Direction, Nelly, Ed Sheeran, Pitbull, Lady Gaga, Vanilla Ice, and Timbaland in their expedited music reenactment, and honestly each cover was so spectacular we’d be lying if we said we didn’t want them to record full-length versions of all the songs.

Grande, whose fourth studio album Sweetener comes out on Friday, August 17th, will return to The Late Late Show on Wednesday, appearing in the latest installment of Corden’s popular Carpool Karaoke series.