It’s an undisputed fact that Ariana Grande is a true master at the internet clap back. So when right-wing journalist Piers Morgan tried to use her to slut-shame other female singers, she shut him down with a savage “thank u, next.”

According to Newsweek, the feud began when Morgan criticized the band Little Mix for making a point about feminism by posing with sexist slurs written on their naked bodies. On the November 19th episode of Good Morning Britain, he reportedly accused the group of “using sex, sexuality to sell albums,” and later on Twitter, he accused them of ripping off the Dixie Chicks. On November 19th, Morgan cited Ellen DeGeneres‘s International Men’s Day photo montage as an example of “the hypocrisy of modern-day feminism.”

Today, November 21st, Ariana’s mother, Joan Grande, got involved, firing back at Morgan on Twitter and defending DeGeneres as “an angel” and noting that Little Mix was “paying homage.”

Morgan responded to the elder Grande’s tweet by doubling down on the accusations that DeGeneres was a hypocrite. And then he attempted to drag Ariana into the fight.

But Ariana was not here for Morgan’s slut-shaming.

To further demonstrate her support for other women, Ariana added a message to Little Mix encouraging them to “keep fighting the fight.”

We’re all about women supporting women, and we’re so glad to see Ariana Grande sticking up for other female artists. As for Morgan, we—like Grande—only have one thing to say: Thank you, next.