What’s a better way to celebrate April Fools’ Day than pulling a prank on your boyfriend? Um, there isn’t one. Because keeping bae on his toes is life — and more than likely he deserves a little ribbing. Plus, everyone knows that laughter is the key to most successful relationships, so why not spice things up by playing an April Fools’ prank on your boyfriend?

We’re still a few days out from April 1st, so you’ve got time to plan one of these April Fools’ pranks for your boyfriend.

Read on and take your pick. Because the couple who laughs together, stays together!

1. “Foolproof” the Bathroom

There are a few tricks you can pull on your guy in the bathroom, which will get him spending WAY more time in there than he usually does.

One trick is to replace his shampoo with ready-made icing. He’ll have a cake-full of the sugar stuff on his head — and then will need REAL shampoo to wash it out, which you can helpfully dole out. Eventually.

2. “Scare” Him in Bed

Get an old Halloween mask — the scarier the better — and place it under your pillow the night before you want to play this April Fools’ prank on your boyfriend. The next morning, make sure you wake up before he does (if you have to, set your alarm). Then, put the mask on and remain in bed, your masked face turned towards him. When he opens his eyes, he’ll see this crazy scary mask and jump right outta bed!

As an alternative, you can get a plastic spider or snake — but make sure it looks legit — and place it on your pillow in the morning. Slide out of bed and wait for him to wake up next to his worst nightmare. Then hand him a cup of coffee as a delicious apology.

3. Make His “Favorite” Meal

Remember when Rachel made that awful trifle for Thanksgiving on Friends? Well, you’re going to do something like that — but on purpose. Tell him that you’re so excited to prepare a delicious meal just for him that night. Meanwhile, you’ll make it as gross as possible.

For example, dip Brussels sprouts in chocolate sauce but call it a “balsamic dressing,” place baby carrots in his cupcakes, or pull a Rachel and put beef in a trifle.

But don’t forget to have take-out ordered and ready for delivery just as you’re dishing up the prank meal!

4. Turn Him Into a “Blow Horn”

This is a classic cartoon-y trick. Get a couple of those annoyingly loud whoopie cushions and place them underneath the places where he regularly sits. For example, underneath the sofa cushions where he sits while he watches Netflix, or underneath the sheets on his side of the bed. You can even place one on the seat of his car. It’ll be super annoying, and you’ll love it!

5. Be a Fashionista

This one requires stylish stealthiness. If you’re hanging around at home, keep switching your outfits every 30 minutes and then act perfectly normal as if you HADN’T changed clothes. When he asks, “Why did you change?” Deny, deny, deny. Even when he asks for the tenth time, keep pretending that you have no idea what he’s talking about. “What? I didn’t change clothes! I’ve been wearing this all day! What’s wrong with you?” This will drive him, literally, insane.

Have fun out there, kids!