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The first half of 2018 has flown by so fast that it’s hard to believe April’s almost here, and with it comes this holiday: April Fools’ Day. Just in case you’re looking for April Fools’ Day quotes for Instagram captions, so you can mark the occasion this year, don’t worry — there are plenty of awesome ones out there.

Not everybody loves this holiday, especially if they’ve been burned by pranks or jokes in the past. But it can actually be a lot of fun, especially if you keep a sense of humor about it (some of these quotes might help you put it all in perspective). If you’re already pumped about April 1st, these quotes will make you even more excited…although who knows what kind of pranks might be around the corner? Either way, it’s probably going to be a day you’ll want to commemorate on social media.

Using any of these quotes will definitely get you a few likes (and a few laughs), especially if you’re sharing a prank you pulled on someone in your life. April Fools’ Day only comes around once a year, so enjoy it — or not — while it lasts.

1. When you’re feeling particularly sassy about the holiday:

2. What if the day itself is just a prank?

3. If you’re hoping to survive the day without any pranks:

4. If you plan to play jokes on the children in your life:

5. When the real world is too crazy for April Fools’ Day:

6. A friendly reminder to everyone who follows you:

7. A wise quote from Abraham Lincoln:

8. And another from Mark Twain:

9. If you’re tired of dealing with fools every other day of the year:

10. When you usually trust nothing and no one, not just on April 1st:

11. The worst prank that can be played:

12. Is anything on the internet real?

13. A little self-deprecation can’t hurt:

14. If someone got you good:

15. When you always forget to do all the awesome pranks you’ve come up with:

16. If a friend or family member has an April 1st birthday:

17. The sweetest quote about the holiday:

Happy April Fools’ Day, everyone — and be careful out there. April 1st can be a dangerous time for those of us with pranksters in our lives.