Trilby Beresford
Updated Mar 13, 2017 @ 2:28 pm
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We’ve all witnessed that moment when a friend brings a glass of wine to their lips and offers a freakishly detailed description of its flavors. Or maybe you’ve done that (which is awesome!). A recent Vogue’s article,The Art of Taste, delves into how and why our bodies are able to discern such complicated and nuanced scents and flavors — and specifically, who among us is best at it.

According to Leslie Stein, PhD, director of science communications at the Monell Center in Philadelphia, discerning different scents is a skill everyone can get better at. “For taste there’s not a lot of evidence you can become more sensitive physically. With smell it’s a little different, though. You can induce recognition through repeated exposure to different odors.”

And a study out of Nature Neuroscience found that women who are of childbearing age tend to be exceptionally good at distinguishing between different scents, even when the scent is really faint. Apparently it has to do with female sex hormones and how they increase levels of odor-detection.

via giphyYou may have heard that a woman’s sense of smell becomes super acute when she’s pregnant, and it turns out it’s all related to our hormones.

We learn something new every day!

via giphyThis is kinda making us want to practice how well we can detect scents…or at least, have a wine party with our friends and see who’s the most adept at recognizing hints of raspberry and oak? Or, let’s be real, just have a party.

Cheers to that!