We’ve got some health news that may make you shudder. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this year’s flu vaccine has only been 36% effective in fighting both the A and B strain of the flu. This defintely doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea to avoid the shot, but it does mean that you may not be as safe as you think if you’ve gotten one.

The New York Times reported that this year’s flu is predicted to kill more than 50,000 Americans, which is an upsetting statistic. The publication states that Dr. Anne Schuchat, who’s serving as the acting director of the CDC, quoted the vaccine as being approximately 25% effective towards H3N2 strain, which is proving to be the most dangerous.

However, if you wind up with the flu, the shot can do a good job at lessening the symptoms. And since it’s generally very affordable, you’d really just be giving up a few minutes of your day.

Plus, the flu vaccine has been incredibly effective in children this year, with a 59% success rate.

So all in all, you shouldn’t let the seemingly low number scare you from getting the shot. “A common misconception is that the flu shot can cause the flu, but that’s not true,” the CDC wrote on their website. “Almost all people who get influenza vaccine have no serious problems from it.”

This flu season has been rougher than ever, so aside from getting the shot, make sure to avoid contact with those who are sick and help prevent the spread of the disease by washing your hands.