Rachel Charlene Lewis
Updated October 13, 2016
Darren McCollester/Getty Images

Today in NOT OKAY news, Donald Trump, the Republican presidential candidate, apparently joked about dating a 10-year-old girl. According to CBS News, in 1992, Trump looked at a group of young girls. His reaction to the girls? Was to openly express that he was considering dating them. Zero shame, people. Zero shame.

After chatting with a 10-year-old about whether or not she’s going up the escalator, Trump turns to the camera and says,


According to Business Insider, Trump isn’t clearly seen in the footage, but his voice can be heard.

This comes following his comments about a young Paris Hilton.

In the interview, the interviewer followed up, asking,

To which Trump answered,

Fox / giphy.com

We’re just… ugh. You guys. This is not okay, and it definitely doesn’t seem to be a one time thing (especially since he’s said creepy stuff about his DAUGHTER, too), though clearly ONE TIME hitting on a kid is way too many. We’re so disturbed.