What do avocados, hot dogs, cottage cheese mac and cheese, and more avocados have in common? While they might seem random, they’re actually all the (semi-delicious) things Antoni made during Season 1 of Netflix’s Queer Eye revival. And since then, yes, thousands and thousands of avocado memes and jokes have spread across the internet. But it’s time to get serious, Antoni. All of your food is fine, but what the heck do you have against desserts?

For eight episode of Queer Eye Season 1, Antoni makes not a single dessert. He teaches none of the Queer Eye heroes how to make brownies, or frost a cake, or even layer a trifle which is literally the easiest dessert to make. So why is Antoni constantly trying to teach people how to slice an avocado when making a bunt cake could be just as fun and challenging?

During a recent Netflix press day, I asked Antoni this question, because honestly, I needed to know. What does he have against sweets?

“Wow that’s an intense question!” Jonathan is first to pipe in, and that makes me think that he, too, has asked Antoni on occasion for a nice snickerdoodle cookie and been denied that request.

Okay, okay, we’ll give him that — as long as he promises to make some sweets in the (cross your fingers) coming seasons of the series. However, it sounds like he’s cooking for the Fab Five behind-the-scenes, because Jonathan jumped in and to say that “he makes me apple crumble sometimes.”

But where is OUR apple crumble? Queer Eye Season 2 hits Netflix on June 15th, and have fun crying throughout it.