For a lot of us, Anthropologie is a magical place—it smells amazing, the clothes are adorable, and who gets tired of looking at all the pretty notebooks and earrings, even if you can’t afford them? But the brand may have gone too far this week. On Twitter, people are losing it over something Anthropologie recently added to its website.

Are you ready for this? If you visit the Anthropologie website, you will see a product called “Birch Branch Bundle” that costs $42. It is exactly what the name implies: a bundle of birch branches (twigs, essentially) meant for decorating, and they’re not much different from what you’d find in your own yard. They’re described simply as “birchwood” and “imported” (from where?) and the decorative bundle includes 20 branches. Well, for that price, there’d better be at least 20 twigs.

Overpriced clothing, beauty products, and home goods are all kind of Anthro’s thing, but these twigs have definitely struck a nerve with people, especially since, like we said before, they’re literally just sticks. For $42. $42!

Credit: Anthropologie

Obviously, Twitter is having a field day with this.


Anthropologie’s review section of the twigs is also amazing—people there are finding just as much humor in this (if not also a little outrage) as the rest of us are.

“I’m very impressed by the quality of these sticks. They have a great fresh smell and they don’t have any dirt or grime! I have a lot of fun watching them lay around the house. Great sticks,” one user wrote.

“I received this bundle of sticks as a birthday gift. I had my eye on them for a while and was delighted when I unwrapped them. I have to say, they have lived up to all my wildest fantasies that are wood related,” another wrote. “They look so lovely just laying there, doing what an artisanal bundle of sticks is supposed to do. They are the highest quality sticks I have ever owned. They have brought joy back into my life after a period of darkness. They remind me there is good in the world. I highly recommend!”

If there’s someone on your Christmas shopping list who you think would love to have these twigs, well…don’t buy them. Just go out to your yard and collect a few for free instead.