Anthony Bourdain
Credit: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images

As news of Anthony Bourdain’s passing broke, his death became all the more painful when fans realized that Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown was leaving Netflix in just a matter of days. Fortunately, Netflix heard its fans. On June 12th, Netflix confirmed that Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown would be sticking around — for a while. The show was originally scheduled to vacate the streaming service on June 16th, but not anymore.

Thanks entirely to fan support, Netflix decided to keep the popular TV series available for the “foreseeable future.” They announced it via Twitter, and unlike a typical lighthearted post, the announcement was not accompanied by emoji, .gifs, deadpan humor, or sass. This was the official statement:



This comes as a relief to longtime fans of Bourdain, many of whom return to the show to learn, relax, reflect, and generally delight in the singular TV presence that is Anthony Bourdain. It also offers new fans the opportunity to dive into the delicious, hilarious, surprising, and often educational series for what may be the first time.

Netflix choosing to keep Parts Unknown until an unknown date is a great move by the company.

Big shout-out to Netflix for doing the right thing. It definitely makes the news of Bourdain’s passing, and perhaps some of Netflix’s less generous decisions (ahem, cancelling Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) a little easier to bear. We salute you, Netflix. Your next plate of some exotic, unexpected, and impossibly scrumptious food is on us.