Trilby Beresford
March 14, 2017 12:27 pm

It’s hard enough being a parent, but when you pile on the fact that so many moms feel guilty for not being “perfect” 100% of the time, it can be enough to send you running.

In an Elle cover story, Anne Hathaway opens up about marriage and her new role as a UN Goodwill Ambassador, fighting for crucial things like paid parental leave (currently, the U.S. offers 12 weeks of unpaid parental leave for moms, which clearly isn’t ideal because many women can’t afford to take it). Seriously, how can moms fulfill their roles to the best of their ability when they don’t get enough structural support from their own employers and government?


She’s raising SUCH a good point: Women are constantly pressured to feel like they need to be some kind of miracle parent — which makes them feel guilty when they forget the diaper bag or the extra change of clothes — when the real issue is that so many women aren’t receiving basic support. Aside from anything else, paid parental leave is such an obvious, basic necessity.

In a recent speech to the UN, Hathaway spoke passionately about becoming a parent for the first time, and how one in four parents in America return to work two weeks after giving birth, because that’s all the unpaid time off they can afford. It’s heartbreaking to learn these figures, but just like Hathaway, we’re hopeful that positive change will happen soon.

Let’s all support each other in working towards crushing mommy guilt (because it helps no one AT ALL), as well as towards practices that help moms feel respected and valued members of society.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Anne. Now, we need all hands on deck.