You know how from time to time you’ll come across a super old commercial that makes you feel delightfully nostalgic? And how it’s even BETTER when you suddenly realize it starred a now-mega famous person (aka, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kraft Cheese and Brad Pitt’s Pringles ad)? Well we officially have a new one: Anne Hathaway in a 1997 real-estate commercial.

The Ocean’s 8 star dropped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on May 24th, where she discussed her first on-screen TV performance – and it’s exactly the type of commercial (with just the right amount of melodrama) you’d expect from a ’90s TV spot.

In it, Hathaway — who was 14 years old at the time — prepares to say goodbye to her boyfriend, whose family is moving away. She’s really sad, but he assures her that selling houses takes months, so they’ll definitely have the whole summer together…that is until they realize that Better Homes and Gardens is helping with the sale, because, “Nobody sells homes better than Better Homes and Gardens real-estate,”

Okay, just watch (it’s at about the five-minute mark).


Hathaway hilariously described her looks back then as “if a potato and a chipmunk had a baby,” and says her performance was “uneven” because she didn’t know the cameras were rolling for a good part of the shoot.

However, it seems as though the awkward experience was definitely worth it — the actress said the ad paid for her first year of college. Dang.

Plus, we bet that kid’s pretty bummed he broke up with a future Oscar-winner…