Back in January 2017, Anna Kendrick shared a physics-defying photo of herself tucked inside a suitcase. At the time we called it the best hide-and-seek location, and now it has become the best meme. Kendrick is a petite woman, but to this day, we have no idea how she contorted her body into such a compact space. Apparently, this image continues to linger at the forefront of people’s consciousness because it’s a year later, and Reddit has chosen the image for one of its infamous “Photoshop Battles.” Reddit’s Photoshop Battles (or PSBattle) is exactly what it sounds like: Someone starts the thread with an iconic image and then waits to see how Redditors reimagine the image with Photoshop. For Kenrick’s suitcase image, someone edited her into a uterus, an egg, a pack of chicken breasts, a game of Tetris…the list goes on.

While the new edits are cool, it’s Kendrick’s contortionist skills in the original image that continue to amaze us. Of course, we wondered if that original photo itself had been photoshopped, but it seems as if it just happened organically because Kendrick is a small person. Kendrick once told Glamour in 2014 that she’s about 5’2 and is simply used to often being one of the smallest people in a room.

Check out the original image and all the unique edits below. But be warned — you can never unsee the star of Pitch Perfect as a Tetris cube.

Sadly, Kendrick has not weighed in on the delightfully weird new images. We have a feeling she’d be cool with it.