Trilby Beresford
Updated Feb 03, 2017 @ 12:16 pm
Credit: Jordan Pix/Getty Images

This has been an extremely confusing and stressful few weeks for our country. Donald Trump’s refugee ban and suspension of immigration from seven predominantly Muslim nations has — to put it mildly — caused an international uproar. Many people, including celebrities, have spoken up against the policies.

Most recently, actress and UN Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie’s penned an op-ed for The New York Times on the refugee ban, stating that U.S. refugee policy should be based on facts, not fear — and we’re so on board with this statement.

In the piece, she discusses the realities that refugees actually face in their home countries, explaining that, “far from being terrorists, they are often the victims of terrorism themselves.” She goes on to talk about America’s history of defending the idea that “human rights transcend culture, geography, ethnicity and religion,” encouraging those in power to celebrate our diversity.

Credit: Jordan Pix/Getty Images

Throughout the op-ed, Jolie’s words are honest about the tough reality of the situation, yet hopeful about a positive outcome. She encourages Americans to uphold the United Nations conventions and values that have been in place since World War II, and to look at the actual sources of terrorism in order to be armed with information.

via giphyWe’re so glad that people like Jolie are raising their voices on these policies, because the more people who do, the faster we may begin to right our path as a nation.