Parent-shaming is a vicious part of social media that, unfortunately, many modern parents have to contend with. Celebrity moms are constantly being mommy-shamed for the most innocuous things and, though it’s somewhat rarer, dad-shaming is happening to famous dads, too. New dad Andy Cohen has been slammed by sanctimonious strangers on the internet who feel compelled to tell him how to raise his newborn son, Benjamin Allen.

Cohen recently shared a sweet photo of his son swaddled up and laying in a crib. We thought the photo was precious, and so did most of the commenters, but a handful of naysayers stepped in with unsolicited advice. “Looks like swaddling is too tight,” wrote one.

“I can imagine you may have had unsolicited advice but just to mention he needs to be in a smaller crib then later move to the cot,” wrote another commenter.

“ABC: Alone, on their back, in an empty crib,” someone griped. “Get all that extra shit outta there.”

This is exhausting. Cohen has already dealt with dad-shamers before: once when he took his son on a plane and also when his dog ate his kid’s toy—but thankfully, the majority of comments on this most recent photo were lovely. Case in point:

Credit: Andy Cohen Instagram /

Cohen welcomed his son on February 4th, 2019 via a surrogate and said in a recent interview with Today that Benjamin is his “anchor.”