Olivia Harvey
Updated February 28, 2018
Daily Mail / YouTube / All Pimple Popping Of The World

So here’s the thing — we just watched this pimple popping video of a man getting an enormous cyst extracted from his back, and we’re not quite the same. We seriously think it altered our brain chemistry and we warn you to please proceed with caution.

The man in the video finally decided to get his ancient cyst popped after the thing had been growing on his back since the age of 16. He knew it had to be dealt with eventually and when extraction day arrived, someone had the foresight to capture the momentous occasion on film.

The video was first uploaded to YouTube, but has since been taken down due to copyright issues. Luckily, for all you pop-aholics out there, Daily Mail got ahold of the footage before it disappeared into the internet ether forever.

After witnessing the first round of pus make a quick exit from the incision, the man informed those in the room that the cyst had grown larger in the past five years. He then proceeds to ask what color the pus is and grimaces after the woman battling the beast shows him what the secretion looks like. The woman then kindly shows the camera the dollop of pus she has in her hands.

The woman then takes a pair of tweezers to the thing to ensure all the pus is removed from the “sack,” or little crevice where all the discharge is contained within a cyst.

Finally, after nearly 10 minutes of extracting what seems like gallons of whatever the hell was in that thing, the cyst was completely drained. We need a good nap after watching this video.