Amy Schumer
Credit: Jason LaVeris/Getty Images

Something has made Amy Schumer uncomfortable and she’s asking the world what to make of it. Glamour magazine featured the Inside Amy Schumer comedian in its plus-size only issue and used her name on the cover. But there’s one problem: Amy doesn’t identify as plus-size, says she is a size 6 or 8, and therefore wonders why she was included in the magazine at all. So she took to Instagram to get out her thoughts:

Amy wrote:

Amy also opened up the conversation on Twitter, looking to start a discussion about what happened, and about the concept of “plus-size” in general:

People have had a lot to say:

For the most part, Twitter users seem to agree with Amy Schumer’s concerns, bringing into question whether we even need terms like that to define our bodies. On the one hand, men and women who identify as plus-size very much want to fashion industry to recognize them and provide just as many options for them. (Amy said plus-size starts at 16, but some brands consider plus-size to be anything above a 12 or a 14. The San Fransisco Gate notes that the average American woman wears a size 14.) On the other hand, what does “plus-size” even mean if it’s applied arbitrarily to any actress who seems bigger what we are used to seeing from Hollywood? Or is the point that Hollywood does view a size 8 at plus-size?

Glamour’s editor-in-chief Cindi Leive addressed Amy’s concern over Twitter this afternoon:

Plus-size? Maybe, maybe not. One word that definitely describes Amy Schumer? Awesome, and just getting more awesome by posting important stuff like this.