We have a feeling these two laugh a lot when they’re together. While on Watch What Happens Live to promote her latest film Red Sparrow, Jennifer Lawrence revealed that Amy Schumer gave her a breakup gift after she decided to part ways with director Darren Aronofsky — along with a very “special” note.

Lawrence started dating the director after the two worked on the film Mother!, which Lawrence starred in and Aronofsky wrote and directed. She told host Marc Maron on his WTF podcast that while she and Aronofsky no longer together, they’re still good friends.

Lawrence said that after she broke up with the director, Schumer took things into her own hands.


Lawrence also gave some updates on the movie she’s making with Schumer, telling Cohen that they just had a table read two weeks ago. So we’re super excited about that development.

In case you missed it, the supremely talented ladies met around 2015 and became fast friends. Lawrence was even a guest at Schumer’s wedding back in February.

Even though we definitely don’t think that Jennifer Lawrence is going to die alone, we’re glad that this happened…because again, LOL.