Amy Schumer broke her usual stream of funny and endearing social media photos to share some distressing news: the actress is in the hospital with a “horrible kidney infection.” Schumer revealed the news on Instagram alongside several photos from her hospital bed, including some of her husband Chris Fischer and sister Kim Caramele, who haven’t left her bedside. Here’s what we know about Schumer’s situation.

From her post, we know that Schumer’s been in the hospital for the last five days. She doesn’t yet know when she’ll be released and even asked a fan in the comments how long they were stuck in the hospital when they struggled with a kidney infection. Schumer admits she only opened up about her hospital stay to explain her absence at the London I Feel Pretty premiere.

So far she’s been receiving an outpouring of love from fans and her celebrity friends. Molly Shannon, Tan France from Queer Eye, Andy Cohen, Reese Witherspoon, Busy Philipps, Amber Rose, and Octavia Spencer have all sent uplifting “get well” messages on her Instagram.

Credit: Amy Schumer Instagram

You can read Schumer’s full statement below:

We wish Schumer a speedy recovery.