Trilby Beresford
September 21, 2016 12:41 pm

We all know that the media has a TON of power over our perceptions, and unfortunately can definitely shape the way we feel about ourselves, our bodies, and our lives.

And Amy Schumer recently got wind of a couple sexist magazine covers from Girls’ Life and Boys’ Life, and took to Instagram to voice her thoughts.

As you can see, the girls magazine is all about, “Your Dream Hair,” “Fashion You’ll Love,” and how to wake up “pretty.” I.e. the most trivial concerns one could possibly imagine.

While we love our fair share of hair and fashion tips, notice that all these things are geared toward the stereotypical version of a girl who does nothing but try to look pretty and play dress up (you know, kinda like a walking doll).

In contrast, the boys magazine is full of exciting adventure, gadgets, science, innovation — you know, thing that actually stimulate the brain. Not to mention that whole thinking about your future thing.

And Amy Schumer wasn’t the only celebrity who took notice. Check out what Blake Lively had to say:

We 100% third the sentiment, because this simply sends THE WRONG message to young girls everywhere. And more than that, it’s straight up offensive. Girls and women are about more than hair products (gasp!).

Let’s never forget that girls are intelligent, curious, dedicated, and hardworking people who make up 50% of the population! GOT IT?!

Now let’s all try to do better!