The GOP targeted Hillary Clinton after Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed to the Supreme Court.
amy coney barrett confirmed
Credit: Erin Schaff-Pool, Getty Images

In a rushed decision, Judge Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed to the Supreme Court after a 52-48 vote last night, giving the court a 6-3 conservative advantage. For anyone concerned with abortion rights, LGBTQ+ protections, and access to affordable health care, this move—which was made just over a month after RBG's death and only a week before Election Day—is frightening. To put salt in the wound, the GOP posted a trolling tweet targeted at Hillary Clinton, which consequently was felt by many women and communities who will be affected by Barrett's seat on the court.

"Amy Coney Barrett, confirmed. Happy Birthday, @HillaryClinton!" the House Judiciary GOP tweeted after the news was announced yesterday, which coincided with Clinton's birthday. Twitter users were quick to clap back at the provacative tweet—one self-proclaimed Republican supporting Joe Biden in the 2020 election called the GOP a "classless disgrace" for the jab. Journalist Victoria Brownworth implied that the reason the GOP comes after Clinton is because they're just kind of obsessed with her. "Hey @HillaryClinton --you are so powerful they can't do anything without invoking you. You live rent free in their misogynist heads. You left a blazing mark on our real politik," she wrote.

Then, she used the opportunity to push for a Joe Biden and Kamala Harris win. "Hope to see you in the #BidenHarris administration. #Election2020 #VoteThemOut," she wrote.

Similarly, Mandy Moore responded to the GOP's trolling tweet with a call to get the current president and his administration out of office. "Vote them all OUT," she wrote.

Many others also saw the tweet as an increased call to action.

Hillary Clinton didn't address the tweet directly, but she shared a similar sentiment about exercising your right to vote.

In response to the news of Barrett's confirmation, Twitter users also started a thread declaring, "6-3 doesn’t represent me."

The thread encourages followers to volunteer and donate to help flip the states blue and stop the GOP from controlling our democracy.

Booksmart actress Beanie Feldstein joined the thread, sharing the links for those interested in volunteering and donating to the cause. The donate page for the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee reads, "The only way to protect ourselves while we sort out the Supreme Court is to flip states blue. States can pass progressive legislation to save healthcare access, marriage equality, and abortion rights for millions of Americans."

The Maze Runner and Teen Wolf star Dylan O'Brien also joined the thread adding some words of his own to encourage followers to get involved. "If you support... LGBTQ+ equality, voting, rights, health care access, workers' rights, right to a safe & legal abortion, please DONATE if you can!" he wrote.

See some of the other celebs who joined the thread below.

If you haven't yet voted or made your voting plan, check here for everything you need to know about voting in the 2020 election—and, as Laura Dern says above, "Vote like your lives depend on it."