Credit: Michael Nagle / Bloomberg / Getty Images

Be still, our hearts! An American Girl Doll musical is reportedly happening, and even better, it’s going to be fully staffed by women. And it’s about time.

Even if you didn’t own an American Girl growing up, you were likely familiar with them. Originally launched in the ’80s, the American Girl brand was created by Pleasant Rowland, owner of Pleasant Company. The line began with a few staple dolls who all came from different historical periods — Molly, Kirsten, and Samantha being first, with Felicity and Addie joining the crew a few years later. Pleasant Company became a subsidiary of Mattel in 1998, and the brand expanded even further. While the original dolls are no longer in the lineup, they’ll always be in our hearts.

And any chance they’ll be in the musical?

That, we’re not sure of — but according to, the musical will focus on a few stories from characters in the brand. A writer and director for the musical have yet to be named, but that information should be announced shortly.

The tour will be hitting North America this fall. Mills Entertainment, the company also responsible for a live Daniel Tiger show, released a teaser yesterday.

We can’t wait to see our old friends again…