For many millennials, American Girl dolls are synonymous with childhood. From classic characters to customized mini-me dolls, the brand is iconic. And over the years, they’ve expanded way beyond dolls—there’s even an American Girl doll musical. Now, according to Entertainment Weekly, MGM and Mattel are working on a new live-action movie based on the American Girls.

The plot details of the new film have yet to be announced, so we’re still not sure which dolls will be included, or which actresses will be bringing them to life. We also don’t know when we can expect the movie to hit theaters, so it might be a while before we hear anything else about this upcoming adaptation. But we do know our inner children are stoked.

This isn’t the only movie featuring some of the iconic American Girls. The brand has been making TV movies for years, and Amazon Prime released one in 2016. However, it’s the first on the big screen since Kit Kittredge: An American Girl starringAbigail Breslin in 2008, so we’re very on board.