Rachel Paige
January 31, 2018 8:10 pm

Never in a million years did I ever expect American Crime Story: Versace to do a bottle episode, but it’s happened. The latest episode of the series, “A Random Killing,” takes us back in time a few months before Andrew Cunanan made his way to Miami and murdered Gianni Versace on the front steps of his apartment. In this episode, we find ourselves in Chicago, and meet Cunanan’s third victim, Lee Miglin.

Cunanan murdered Miglin in May 1997, and did so in a very brutal way. The American Crime Story episode shows us that Cunanan bound Miglin’s head with tape, just like we saw him do in the second episode. He also stabbed Miglin repeatedly, dropped a bag of concrete on his chest, and then possibly ate him?? (Edit: The internet is telling me Cunanan does not eat him,  but it is still disgusting and covered in BLOOD.) It is hella disturbing, and also incredibly sad, since prior to this murder we watched Miglin share a few touching moments with his wife, Marilyn (who at the time owned, and still does own, a cosmetic brand sold on HSN).

The murder is hard to watch, and TBH I had to look away a few times because Cunanan is a LOT to handle. But even more so than watching this brutal murder, I can’t shake the fact that the Miglins have literally nothing in their house. Like, nothing.

I’m not exaggerating when I say their townhouse in Chicago is just completely barren. The scenes we’ve seen in Miami are all done in shades of pink and orange — because, those are SUCH Miami colors — but for some reason the Miglins’ home is ALL WHITE. It’s honestly too white. And where there are pops of color, they’re few and far between. It makes me uncomfortable that there are only three things on the Miglin’s mantle.


There only thing in their bedroom is a *white* picture in a *white* frame.


The carpet is white, the hallway runner is white (Marilyn’s suitcases are white!) and I would spend 10 minutes in this house before I spilled spaghetti sauce everywhere.


Unfortunately, I could not locate any pictures of the interior of the Miglin which means we’ll never know if this all-white decor is real or created for the show.

As for what else is real and/or created for the show? The Miglins have steadfastly denied that Lee knew Cunanan before the murder, and suggest it was a completely random act of violence, meaning what we see in the episode is mostly dramatized. Including, maybe, the TOO WHITE decor.