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Updated October 22, 2018
Mark Metcalfe/Stringer/Getty Images

Prince Harry‘s protective instincts as a first-time dad-to-be are already kicking in. While watching a sailing event on Sydney Harbor on Sunday, October 21st, the first official day of the Invictus Games, Harry, 34, received a bear hug from an American sailor. The athlete wrapped his arms tightly around the Duke of Sussex and patted his back as Harry’s pregnant wife Meghan Markle, who’s due in the spring, looked on and laughed. The embrace was so intense that Harry’s feet even lifted off the ground (royal protocol technically dictates that us common folk don’t touch royals, btw).

After Meghan, 37, introduced herself with a handshake and a much more tame hug, Harry advised the sailor to not give her the same greeting. “No, I know,” the man said, laughing with the couple.

Perhaps the American athlete’s enthusiasm was prompted by participating in the inaugural boat race. This year marks the first time the Invictus Games have included a sailing competition.

The Paralympic-style competition for wounded and recovering service members and veterans from around the world includes sports such as wheelchair basketball, sitting volleyball, and indoor rowing, and has been held around the world since 2014.

Also on Sunday, Prince Harry had a laugh with some cyclists at another Invictus event in Sydney. Following the race, an Aussie athlete asked the royal to sign his budgie smugglers, which in the U.S. are better known as Speedos. According to royals correspondent Russell Myers, Harry jokingly agreed, but only if the cyclist would wear the swimsuit on his head.

However, royals aren’t allowed to sign items for fans (exceptions are made for guestbooks), and the prince followed protocol by politely declining, according to Australia’s ABC News. There were clearly no hard feelings, though, as Harry was later gifted his own pair of budgie smugglers and happily wore them on top of his slacks, as photos from the fun day show.