Meaghan Kirby
Updated Dec 23, 2017 @ 7:37 pm
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We are currently down to mere hours before the Christmas holiday hits, and you might be patiently waiting — not for Santa! — but rather your Amazon Prime packages to arrive. While the holiday season used to mean flocking to your nearest mall or shopping complex to find that perfect gift, the ease of Amazon Prime has more and more people buying gifts online, leaving everything to be delivered.

While that literally sounds like the best way to buy gifts for the family this holiday season, the massive influx of online shopping during the holidays is leaving a lot of people in *quite* a predicament. Many consumers, particularly Amazon Prime customers, are seeing their packages delayed — which means they might not arrive in time for Christmas.

Naturally, Amazon Prime costumers are not thrilled about the delays, having spent $99 for the e-commerce giant’s famed two-day Prime delivery service. Making matters worse, it seems most Prime customers weren’t informed about potential delays before purchasing their gifts. One Prime user even tweeted that after purchasing a gift, he received an email informing him of a delay, promising to refund his shipping costs — which thanks to Prime was a total of $0 anyway.

With a whole lot of Christmas presents sitting in limbo, Prime customers are likely hoping their packages make like Jonathan Taylor Thomas and do whatever it takes to make it home for Christmas.

With time quickly running out to get those presents delivered, wrapped, and under the tree, Prime customers all over the world seem to be asking that fateful question: Will my packages arrive in time for Christmas?

Amazon is certainly confident in its abilities as it hasn’t addressed the delay outrage, continuing to advertise its two-day shipping service — with zero mention of any delays. Unfortunately, only time will tell, but we’re certainly hoping for a holiday miracle!

If you’re someone still waiting on packages, fret not, because as frustrating as it is, you’re far from alone:

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Here’s hoping Santa makes a quick stop at the Amazon fulfillment warehouses and drops off those packages in time!