Elizabeth Entenman
Updated Mar 07, 2018 @ 10:27 am

Amazon is always at the forefront of introducing new technology into our lives. In January, the company opened Amazon Go, a checkout-free convenience store, which has completely revolutionizing the world of shopping. In February, it announced a package delivery service that will compete with FedEx and UPS. And if you use Alexa, the Amazon assistant on Amazon Echo devices, chances are you’re used to seeing new updates all the time. The latest development is a bit creepy, though, and involves Amazon Alexa laughing. Randomly. Without warning. For seemingly no reason.

If your technology laughing at you sounds like something straight out of your nightmares, or an episode of Black Mirror, we couldn’t agree more. Users have been reporting Amazon Alexa laughing creepily for about a week now. We always knew she was listening (and remembering things) in the background. But now that she’s responding — and laughing at us — this takes the creepy factor to a whole new level. If you ask Alexa how she laughs, she will demonstrate the sound on command. But hearing her cackle at random, unexpected times? That’s downright scary.

Amazon Alexa laughing is SUPER lifelike. Can you imagine how unnerving it would be to hear such a realistic-sounding laugh in your house, out of nowhere? Take a listen below.

People are super skeptical about Alexa now.

Imagine being WOKEN UP by Amazon Alexa laughing for no reason.

Jimmy Kimmel even parodied Alexa’s lifelike cackle on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Maybe Alexa’s creepy laugh would be a bit less terrifying if it came from one of our favorite celebrities?

We hope our technology isn’t out to get us. Alexa, we’re dying to know: Are you laughing at us, or with us?