Arielle Tschinkel
Updated June 22, 2018

Ever since Amazon released their at-home digital assistant, Alexa, back in 2014, our lives have become easier in so many ways. And as the company continues to roll out new features and upgrades, we sometimes wonder how we ever got along without it.

But sometimes Alexa can get…weird. Remember earlier this year when users reported their Alexas randomly laughing? Shudders. And now, a San Francisco man named Shawn Kinnear claims his Alexa reportedly told him she saw people dying…and WTF?

Even creepier? He says that what immediately followed was “the most uncomfortable silence” he’d ever felt.

Kinnear apparently asked Alexa to repeat the statement, but she said she did “not understand.”

Because it all happened so fast, Kinnear didn’t have time to record the eerie message, and says she hasn’t said it since. He says he doesn’t use his Amazon Echo much, noting that it was given to his partner Paul as a Christmas gift back in 2016. However, he’s so creeped out now that he’s considering disconnecting it altogether…and we totally understand.

Amazon hasn’t commented on this creepy Alexa outburst, but we know we wouldn’t want any Sixth Sense-type situations in our homes, either.

Yikes, Alexa. Way to totally freak us.