Rachel Paige
Updated May 25, 2016 @ 5:31 pm
Credit: https://twitter.com/WalkinNRollin?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

Someone get Paul Rudd on the phone. He needs to see this.

Over the weekend at the Planet Comic Con in Kansas City, one little dude took to the convention floor in a pretty incredibly costume. Sure, we’ve all seen impressive cosplay outfits and designs before, but never one quite like this. Here we’ve got Ant-Man (or, Scott Lang if you want to get technical) riding around on his favorite ant, Antony. false

But now take a second to really appreciate the awesomeness that this kid is able to attend the comic-con, dressed up, and his wheelchair has now become a part of the costume, too!

Okay, what’s even more amazing is that the legs on Antony even move up and down, like a real ant, like Ant-Man and Antony riding (flying) off to safe the day at Pym Technologies. false

This Ant-Man/Antony costume was designed by Walking and Rolling, a company that specializes in making “unique costumes for special kids.” As they state on their website, their mission is “to provide any child with special needs equipment a unique and custom build costume, free of charge for the family.” In the past, they’ve created costumes like Buzz Lightyear and princesses, with Ant-Man being their latest creation. false

Amazing. Wherever Rudd is, it’s safe to assume that he 100% approves.