Bridey Heing
July 14, 2015 5:47 am

We were all shocked by the death of actress Amanda Peterson on July 3. The star of Can’t Buy Me Love was an icon to many, and her death at just 43 was heartbreaking news. We’re still processing, and feeling deeply for her family and friends. Which is with a new video from her memorial service, shared by her brother, Pastor Jim Peterson, and this video from her memorial service shared by her brother, Pastor Jim Peterson, is so moving.

Set to Eddie Vedder’s song “Rise,” the video starts with the words, “Amanda Peterson. July 8, 1971 – July 3, 2015. Precious child of God, now home and free.” In it, Amanda’s entire (too short) life is captured, beginning when she was just a little girl and running through her career and family life. It looks at clips from her movies as well as still photographs from her younger years.It also takes time to include an interview in which she shares more about her role in the fan favorite Can’t Buy Me Love.

“I just think she was a precious person, and it’s a big loss,” Amanda’s mother, Sylvia, told Us Weekly. Agreed. After Peterson’s death, many of her friends gathered on social media to express their grief, including her Can’t Buy Me Love co-star, Patrick Dempsey, who paid her tribute on Twitter.

Jim shared the video on his Facebook page yesterday afternoon, giving fans of his sister a chance to reflect on her wonderful career and love-filled life. Although Amanda was taken from us too soon, we’re happy to see a memorial that celebrates all the great things she did in life. Click through here to watch the video. We’ll always miss you, Amanda!


(Image courtesy Touchtone Pictures)