Anna Sheffer
February 08, 2019 10:51 am

By now, it’s clear that Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez knows how to get people’s attention. She’s an expert at clapping back at her critics and she frequently uses social media to share her ideas with citizens. And in a new video from NowThis News, it looks like she pointed out everything wrong with our country’s shady campaign finance laws—using a role-playing game to do so.

According to the New York Daily News, Ocasio-Cortez spoke during a February 6th House Oversight Committee hearing, which focused on “ethics rules for the executive branch”—aka the president. At one point, while she questioned several members of government watchdog groups, she played what she called a “lightning round game,” in which she took on the role of a “bad guy” trying to advance her own interests through shady—but technically legal—means.

In the above footage from the “game,” Bad Guy Ocasio-Cortez asks the experts if she could fund a hypothetical campaign solely using donations from self-interested lobbyists (turns out, she could). She then asked if, once elected, anything could prevent her from passing laws that benefit the groups that gave her money (the answer is no). She also brought up the question of “hush money” to point out that it’s technically legal.

Ocasio-Cortez may have been playing a fictional “bad guy” in the video, but many of the questions she asked were based on real life. In the hearing, when she asked if any of the scenarios from her game applied to “our current government and our current public servants,” the panelists said that they did. And as ABC News reports, Trump has come under fire for hush money payments made to two women on his behalf.

The world of campaign finance can be confusing, and it’s scary to know that some public officials abuse their power and put their own interests ahead of the American people. But it’s also important to understand the way these laws work, and we’re grateful to Ocasio-Cortez for breaking it down.