Before Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was sworn in as a member of Congress, she worked as a bartender to make a living. Though she is now busy, you know, representing her district, revitalizing the Democratic party, and generally saving the world—Ocasio-Cortez took a beat to tweet out some cocktail ideas if you ever wanted to play America, the drinking game.

When author and political writer Anand Giridharadas got into a Twitter spat with a Trump supporter who implored him to “open a salon” instead of engaging in political discourse, Giridharadas joked that he’d open a revolution-themed salon and wondered aloud if Ocasio-Cortez would use her years of bartending experience to “submit a signature cocktail,” which, of course, she did.

Ocasio-Cortez’s “cocktails for the Revolution” includes a bitter dark n’ stormy for a “World w/o a #GreenNewDeal,” an Aviation without the crème de violette in honor of clean transport, a mezcal Greyhound for “Bridges, Not Walls,” a mocktail margarita for paid parental leave, and “anything w/ Goldschläger” to toast policy failure.

She also created a bespoke cocktail for Brexit, which she said would be “a straight shot of bathtub gin, with no imported botanical.”

Ocasio-Cortez told earlier this year that bartending was a surprisingly great training ground for running for Congress.

So if you ever see Ocasio-Cortez at a bar, make sure to send her a mezcal Greyhound.