Rachel Paige
January 22, 2018 1:13 pm

Peanut butter and jelly! Milk and cookies! Mickey and Minnie Mouse! Groot and Rocket! Surf and turf! Alexander Skarsgård and Jack McBrayer! If it feels like one of those things shouldn’t belong, you are wrong. Just like Jess and CeCe are best friends former, Alexander Skarsgård and Jack McBrayer are best friends forever, and I am so mad at all of you for not telling me this earlier.

During the SAG Awards, I couldn’t help but notice that these two actors — one best known for playing a vampire, the other an immortal NBC Page — were seated together at the same table for the telecast. I was like “Aw, that’s adorable, they put Kenneth the Page with the cast of Big Little Lies!” I had just recently read that a lot of times, so called “fun” attendees will be placed at certain tables, in hopes of livening things up for the award show. I just assumed that McBrayer was placed at HBO’s Big Little Lies table because he is FUN.

Oh, I was so wrong. So so so so wrong. Because it turns out, McBrayer wasn’t just put there by accident or on purpose. Rather, he was seated there with his date for the evening, Big Little Lies star Skarsgård. Because the two are BEST FRIENDS and have been BEST FRIENDS FOR SO LONG.

I think my brain just exploded.

The first time the two were photographed together in all their bestie glory was back in 2012. Unfortunately, the real origins of their beautiful partnership is unknown, but we know they’ve been going strong for 5+ years.

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

And years later, they’re still going strong at the SAG Awards.

Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Netflix

I promise no Jack McBrayers were harmed in the taking of this photo.

Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Turner Image
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Turner Image

I would pay a lot of money to see these two star in something together. Where is the Skarsgård/McBrayer sitcom we deserve?

And the true mark of any friendship: Appearing on the other’s Instagam.

This is the coupling we deserve for 2018, because in 2018 we’re only going to have nice things.