Jessica Booth
Updated Jan 29, 2018 @ 10:32 am
Picture of Alec Baldwin Dylan Farrow
Credit: Jason LaVeris / Getty Images

On Sunday, January 28th, Alec Baldwin continued his passionate defense of Woody Allen by berating Allen’s adopted daughter Dylan Farrow on Twitter. It was hard to know what to say after reading his words, but one thing is for sure: Baldwin’s tweets about Dylan are completely unacceptable, and he needs to stop.

Farrow first accused Allen of sexual molestation when she was seven years old. But in recent years, she resurfaced her allegations in newspaper editorials and, most recently, in a television interview. Farrow opened up about Allen in her first TV interview on January 18th, 2018, and her story remains consistent. The conversation about Allen has always been in the background but has never received the attention it should for how serious the allegations are. Since Farrow’s interview aired, her accusations against him have been more openly discussed.

Baldwin stepped in and spoke up. He started his harsh statements by comparing Farrow to Mayella Ewell, the character in To Kill A Mockingbird who falsely accuses a man of raping her. This is wrong for too many reasons to list.

The actor went on to say that if you think Dylan Farrow is telling the truth, then you think her brother Moses Farrow is lying.

Moses has previously stated that he believes Allen did not molest Dylan. Further, Moses alleges that his estranged mother Mia Farrow was emotionally and physically abusive. He says she manipulated and coached Dylan into saying Allen had abused her.

Alec Baldwin then retweeted a quote from Nixon’s State of the Union that he thinks applies to this situation.

Baldwin finished by basically saying he doesn’t care if you don’t agree with his opinions. (That’s good, because we don’t.)

This isn’t the first time Baldwin has expressed offensive and controversial thoughts about Dylan Farrow, or sexual abuse victims in general. When Farrow wrote about the accusations for the New York Times, Baldwin responded by saying they were “untrue” and “disgraceful.” And he refused to apologize when fans were outraged. Just a few weeks ago, Baldwin was quoted saying that Hollywood denouncing Allen was “unfair” and “sad.”

In the fall 2017, Baldwin gave yet another interview that left fans and critics outraged. He admitted to treating women in sexist ways before.

Baldwin went on to say that he had heard that Harvey Weinstein raped Rose McGowan, and then he criticized McGowan for how she dealt with it. The backlash was so strong that Baldwin ended up leaving Twitter.

But unfortunately, Alec Baldwin found his way back to social media.

Honestly? We all would have been better off if he had left Twitter completely and stayed off. Baldwin’s remarks about Farrow are disgusting, especially when taking into consideration everything else he has previously said about sexual assault and victims of sexual assault. His words speak to his privilege and lack of awareness. Take several seats, Alec.