Madison Vanderberg
February 23, 2018 12:57 pm

Airbnb has long been an affordable solution for traveling on the cheap. However, for those Airbnb users who don’t want to rent a room or stay on a pull-out couch, Airbnb has added two new levels to their home offerings: Airbnb Plus and Beyond by Airbnb.

According to the company, “Airbnb Plus is a selection of high-quality, well-equipped homes with hosts known for great reviews and attention to detail. To help ensure your comfort, each of these homes is verified in person.”

Airbnb Plus is basically just really nice homes that are immaculately decorated. Plus has already launched in Austin, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Toronto, Barcelona, London, Milan, Rome, Cape Town, Melbourne, Sydney, and Shanghai. So far L.A. has the most Plus options with 152 homes.

Beyond by Airbnb is one notch above Plus, featuring exotic luxury homes. Beyond will launch in spring 2018 and accessed on a separate site. The next-level feature was born out of Airbnb’s acquisition of the haute rental site Luxury Rentals.

Airbnb Plus is like staying in the home of your favorite lifestyle blogger or mid-level celebrity. Very Pinterest chic, with lots of all-white bedding.

Beyond By Airbnb is like what Beyoncé would rent when she stays in an Airbnb home. We’re talking estates, vineyards, and extravagence.

There is also a new “Superguest” feature, which we’re guessing is similar to the Superhost function but for repeat Airbnb users. Not as much information about Superguest is available yet other than it’s in the works and will include “perks” for frequent users. Airbnb enthusiasts, stay tuned.