Dasha Fayvinova
January 15, 2017 8:09 am
Exotica.im/UIG via Getty Images

Turns out that airplane companies actually listen when you put in a complaint! Of course, their solution doesn’t always solve the root problem. But at least they are somewhat trying, right? Air India is considering having a women’s only row on their planes. Because when a man gropes a woman, apparently she should be the one to move. Go figure.

Instead of investing in better-designed seating that would make middle seats less of a nightmare, this airline is investing in putting the blame for harassment on someone else. It’s super cool they acknowledge that women’s safety is important, but moving women to a different place is simply a quick fix.

 Starting on January 18th, Air India will give six women on each of their flights the chance to sit in a women’s only row. It is open to women who are traveling alone. So what happens to all the other women? After all, most flights have more than that amount easy. Guess they just have to wait and see if they draw that unlucky ticket.

  Unfortunately, we aren’t.

If airlines really care about their customers, they should have no problem explaining to people onboard a plane that groping fellow passengers is a crime. They have warnings about tobacco and buckling your seatbelts, after all. For the most part, this leads us to believe that there were an excess amount of inappropriate touching going on. Having a women’s only row shifts the blame to the victim. Without proper punishment for the culprit, the assailants will think it’s fine.

 What was the thinking behind this idea? Maybe if we stick these ladies in a separate spot, guys won’t try to fondle them when they doze off? Whatever the reason, Air India needs to look for some creative ways to detect, disrupt, and teach how to avoid improper behavior on flights.