Alyssa Giannone
Updated Dec 22, 2017 @ 11:00 am

For the first time ever, Adidas signed a female pro-skateboarder. Her name is Nora Vasconcellos and, to put it lightly, she’s an impressive woman, one who has been in the skate game for a long time. To celebrate the life she’s lived thus far (and her historical signing!), Adidas released a special short documentary about the skater’s roots.

At 20 minutes long, the mini-doc covers everything from Vasconcello receiving her first skateboard to signing with Adidas at 24 years old. Already, she’s impacted the skate community — and that involves much more than her being a female skater. Her fashion sense, her skating techniques, her vision for each performance at the park, and her art are all represented in Vasconcello’s skating. They are what make her such a unique and influential public figure, let alone a notable athlete.

The Massachusetts native has influences of her own as well: her father’s art, her brother’s friendship, and Rocket Power. Definitely Rocket Power.

The skater’s accomplishments began forming a long list ever since Vasconcello moved to Oceanside, CA in 2012.

She turned pro for Welcome Skateboards, was picked up by Adidas (who worked with her on her first art show), won the Vans park skating series in Shanghai, China, and now, has released the mini documentary directed by Giovanni Reda, aptly named Nora. And yes, those are just a few of Vasconcello’s many accomplishments.

So get ready to see a lot more of this inspiring woman whether it be through her art, through her skating, or by checking out her signature lavender pants as she rides her personally customized skateboards.

Really, how much cooler can one chick get?