Madison Vanderberg
February 09, 2018 1:14 pm

Some genius on the internet discovered that when you slow down Adele’s voice, she sounds exactly like singer Sam Smith. We don’t know what kind of U.K. pop music witchcraft is going on here, but it’s 100% true. A Twitter user found this anomaly when he played Adele’s “Hello” on a record player and slowed down the tempo. At the record’s lowest speed, the voice sounded less like Adele and more like Smith. Actually, if you close your eyes it IS Sam. The Twitter user also slowed down “A Million Years Ago” and we swear that if it came on the radio, we’d be like “Oh, new Sam Smith song. Nice.”

PopSugar discovered that Sam and Adele have never been photographed together nor attended the same event, and went so far as to suggest that Sam and Adele are the SAME PERSON. This makes no damn sense, but we’ll chuckle at the idea that one voice is responsible for both singers, who ostensibly pull some Milli Vanilli-type stunt when they perform.

Obviously, these two are talented singers in their own right who weirdly happen to sound similar at a slower recording speed.

Someone suggested that they speed up a Sam Smith record to see if he sounds like Adele, and of course another Twitter user came through with a video.

As some people responded in the Twitter thread, the sped-up Sam Smith sounds like a cross between Selena Gomez and Halsey, so no, Sam at 5x speed does not become Adele. Unfortunately, neither Sam nor Adele has responded to the fact that they are vocal twins — depending on how fast you play the record.