Natasha Reda
Updated Jun 21, 2019 @ 10:26 am

It’s been a long four years since Adele dropped her Grammy-winning album 25, but a new photo has fans thinking the singer is about to release new music today, June 21st. Earlier this week, a screenshot of a picture she supposedly posted on her social media page began circulating the web. The picture shows a beige square with what appears to be the release date, “6/21,” in bold numbers. It was enough to set the internet ablaze with speculation about whether we’re finally getting new Adele music.

Naturally, fans are hoping the rumors are true and are emotionally preparing themselves for what’s to come.

However, before we grab our box of tissues, here’s all the evidence Adele may or may not be dropping new music today.

In March, the “Hello” hitmaker was spotted heading into a New York recording studio, which means she’s definitely working on new music.

Then, in May, she posted a heartfelt birthday tribute to herself on Instagram, in which she says the upcoming year will be a big one for her.

The “30” Adele references in the caption could also be a nod to a new album. It follows the trend of her previous three albums, which were all named after the age she was when she wrote the songs.

But…if you look at her Instagram and Twitter accounts, there’s no trace of the beige box anywhere. In fact, Adele hasn’t tweeted in months, and the last thing she posted on Instagram was her epic experience at the Spice Girls concert.

Meanwhile, the announcement image is blurry, has a strange watermark stamp, and overall, does seem very fake. Plus, some fans pointed out that if Adele did, in fact, post and delete the photo, she would’ve written the date out as 21/6 because, duh, she’s British.

For now, it’s probably best to remain calm and continue with our day. Still, we’re keeping our eyes locked to her social media until she does make her long-awaited comeback.