Karen Belz
Updated Mar 16, 2018 @ 2:58 pm

This was officially the meetup the world had been waiting for: Sally Field’s son Sam Greisman finally met Adam Rippon…who we all know he crushes on thanks to Sally Field’s hilarious social media over share. Rippon’s spirit and talent caught Greisman’s eye at the 2018 Winter Olympics (we get it, dude).

When Entertainment Tonight recently caught up with Rippon, he revealed that the now well-known meeting wasn’t planned. Both he and Greisman happened to be at the Human Rights Campaign gala at the same time.

Greisman tweeted about Rippon a ton during the Olympics, but it became a genuine thing after Field outed the crush on her own account (moms are the best, FYI).

And while the two seemed to get along, it doesn’t necessarily sound romantic.

Rippon has admitted that he’s not currently dating, but is always on the lookout for someone who “has a lot of passion and is funny.” Greisman is also still single, according to his (ahem) very funny Twitter account.

Rippon also revealed that the pair do have plans to hang out in the future, so there’s still a chance love may blossom…