The 2018 Winter Olympics is the first for American figure skater Adam Rippon, but he’s already proven himself a force to be reckoned with. Rippon, who’s 28, already has a lot to be proud of, but he wasn’t always an international household name. And Rippon made that perfectly clear in an interview with Mike Tirico from NBC after he skated.

Rippon recalled how four years ago during the last Winter Olympics, fellow figure skater Mirai Nagasu and he were eating burgers on a rooftop, dreaming about their futures.

“You know, especially tonight, my friend Mirai [Nagasu] and I…four years ago, we got In-N-Out, we went back to her house, we climbed up to the roof of her house, and we were eating In-N-Out because we were so upset that we weren’t at the Olympic Games,” Rippon said.

Rippon said he’s known Nagasu for more than ten years, and that he almost started crying after seeing her on the rink, knowing everything she’s gone through to get there.

And fyi, Rippon seems like he has a super solid sense of humor — which he’s credited with helping him “get through a lot of rough times.” false

We’d love to grab burgers with Rippon any day.