Another Super Bowl has come and gone, but the memes are here to stay—especially when it comes to a certain tank top Adam Levine was wearing during the halftime show (before nipple-gate, of course). If you caught Maroon 5’s performance, you know that Levine was wearing a patterned tank top with a brown and black square design. And people quickly recognized the pattern on things they found around their homes.

If you looked at Levine’s ensemble and thought, “I’ve seen that tank top in my grandma’s house before,” you’re not the only one. In fact, a lot of people are taking to Twitter to share photos of their ’70s-inspired home decor that looks identical to what Levine was wearing.

Or the fact that it looked like something they’ve seen at the doctor’s office:

And others thought it was reminiscent of what Neil, Charlie’s mom’s uptight boyfriend (aka someone you really don’t want to take fashion inspiration from) wore in The Santa Clause: false

This tweet made an excellent point about how having home decor that looks like the tank top isn’t exactly something to brag about:

But this tweet summed up the approach we should all be taking to this whole mess:

May we all have the confidence of Levine wearing that tank top on stage at the biggest sporting event of the year. And no matter what you think about it, you have to admit that this tank got people talking about what was otherwise a kind of boring Super Bowl, so maybe that’s part of Levine’s genius? Hmm.